Angels of Faith

The Bible admonishes us to ��Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he isold, he will not depart from it� (Proverbs 22:26). More than two years ago our assistant pastor, Joan Massey, began taking her grandchildren to visit her father and his wife Saturdays at a local nursing home. During their visits, they would meet new residents and added them to their weekly visits. Since then the group has grown to ten children, ages 4-10, who visit the sick and shut-in at several nursing homes. The children love serving God. It brings them joy when they are able to pray and sing to encourage the seniors. One of the most memorable moments for them is when they sang and prayed at the bedside of one of the residents who was on his deathbed. This brought him peace. As a result of this ministry, several of the youth want to become missionaries.

The name, �Angels of Faith�, was given to this group by one of the residents that they visit who said that when she sees them, they give her great joy and brighten up her day and that they were her Angels of Faith. These are the sentiments of many of the people they visit. If you are interested in having the Angels of Faith visit a loved one in a local nursing home, please contact us. It would be our pleasure.